New Windows For A More Comfortable Home

New windows provide an aesthetic upgrade but just as importantly improve the comfort of your home through improved R-Values, reduction of drafts and improved functionality. It is essential to understand that all windows are not created equal – construction, materials, warranty, and installation are critical components. As a Certified Andersen Contractor, we provide top-of-the-line products and unmatched installation skill.

Choosing the right contractor along with proper installation is critical for peak performance of any window or door. We enrolled in the Andersen Certified Installer program to ensure our customers’ absolute peace of mind for each installation. Due to this extensive training and certification, homeowners have confidence that their windows and patio doors will be installed correctly and remain trouble-free for years to come.

Tips for a successful window replacement

The first decision you need to make is replacement windows or new windows. Each has pros and cons.

  • Replacement windows fit in your current frames so they are less expensive and much easier to install. You will lose a little window space since they sit inside the current frame.
  • With a new window installation the old window is removed and you have a completely new installation inside and outside. Budget and the condition of your home are key determinants of which which way to go.
  • Get the best windows you can afford and be very picky about your installer – the right contractor makes a huge difference.

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