Add On To The Home You Already Love

An addition is the perfect way to expand your home or improve its functionality. We will work with both you and your architect, before and during construction, to ensure that the addition blends with your current architecture and that we minimize disruption to your home during the project.

Aesthetics and functionality are important considerations when contemplating an addition, but others need equal attention. Structure from the foundation through framing and connecting to the current house is the bedrock of your addition. Shortcuts, cheap materials, and inattention to details create problems you may not see immediately, but that will eventually come home to roost. We discuss structure and materials with each client as well as options ranging from siding and trims to windows and roofing. We understand that budgets are always a consideration, and help you make the right tradeoffs between functionality, aesthetics, cost, and longevity.

We are here to help you get the best home addition possible with state-of-the-art construction techniques, attention to detail, and a homeowner-friendly process.

Tips for a successful home addition

The biggest tip to offer on an addition is to get the right contractor because they can make or break a project.

  • Try to find a contractor whose sweet spot is your size and type of project.
  • Plan ahead and have all decisions and details taken care of before the project starts. Don’t wing it as the construction unfolds.
  • Build in a contingency of 10-20% since there are always surprises and last minute expenses that arise in the course of a project.

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